USA, South Carolina: Governor Haley to Defend Marriage Equality Ban in Court

Written by scott on September 3rd, 2013

South Carolina's Governor Nikki HaleyAfter a lesbian couple announced a lawsuit to push for marriage equality in South Carolina, the Governor has said she plans to defend the discriminatory law.

The State reports:

Gov. Nikki Haley will mount a defense in federal court against a challenge by two Lexington County women to the state’s 1996 Defense of Marriage Law and a section of the state constitution that bans gay marriages in South Carolina. “Gov. Haley, like the majority of South Carolinians, supports traditional marriage as defined between one man and one woman, and in accordance with state law, will continue to uphold those values. The legislature has spoken on this issue, the people have spoken on this issue, and the governor remains resolute in her support of South Carolina’s Constitution and state’s rights and this lawsuit doesn’t change that,” said Haley spokesman Doug Mayer in an email Tuesday.

History won’t look kindly on Governor Haley and her ilk.

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  1. Sean says:

    Will she be returning the tax dollars of the thousands LGBT tax payers of SC that that Nazi whore ingrate steals from?

  2. JESS Kalinowsky says:

    Every State that does not have Marriage Equality should have lawsuits filed and drag them through the courts, and when they get to the Supreme Court, again, maybe we will have more Progressive Justices and maybe once and for all we can put this issue to bed. Side note: how many heterosexual marriages have failed since 14 or so States have Marriage Equality? I do not care if folks want to marry or not, BUT everyone should have that as a legal option!

  3. JESS Kalinowsky says:

    PS maybe it is time for South Carolina, and other CIty, State and Federal officials need to lose some elections in 2014-2016 and give their offices over to more Progressives! Don’t you agree?

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