USA, South Carolina: Republican Who Led Effort To Ban Marriage Equality Changes Mind

Written by scott on September 20th, 2013

John Hawkins – South CarolinaThe man who led South Carolina’s effort to ban marriage equality in the state in 2005 has had a change of heart.

The Advocate reports:

“I was wrong about pursing the marriage amendment,” Hawkins told the station Wednesday. “I wish I hadn’t been so strident against it. … I never pursued the marriage amendment for any kind of religious reason, or any so-called moral reason, or anything like that. I pursued the marriage amendment out of a sense of duty to the law.” The constitutional amendment, which still bears Hawkins’s name, passed with 78% of voters in support. The Alliance for Full Acceptance, a pro-LGBT group based in Charleston, asked Hawkins to serve as the keynote speaker at its bimonthly meeting Wednesday, hoping Hawkins’s change of heart would offer a kind of salve for those LGBT South Carolinians hurt by their state’s official disavowal of their committed relationships.

We’re thrilled with Hawkins’ turn around on the issue. Now if only people like Hawkins could have a change of heart like this before they successfully took away the rights of thousands upon thousands of citizens.

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