USA, Tennessee: Drivers Licenses the Latest Battleground in Marriage Equality Fight

Written by scott on September 21st, 2013

Tennessee mapTennessee’s gay and lesbian citizens who got married in other states are finding it’s not so easy to change their names on their driver’s licenses.

The Tennessean reports:

Without a driver’s license that agreed with his Social Security card, Oak Ridge resident Jeremy May wasn’t able to take a drug test for a much-needed job working with children with autism. He was rejected from the license bureau in Clinton, Tenn., when he took his Washington, D.C., marriage certificate. Within the week, he’d printed out paperwork for a legal name change and filed it at the Anderson County courthouse for $179.50. By 10 a.m. Friday, he’d been through a five-minute appearance before a judge and gone back to the license bureau, where May said the same employee he encountered before tried to reject him even with the order. A coworker corrected the man, and May had his temporary license a few minutes later.

It just seems so petty to me to deny a name change on a drivers license. Whatever they can do to make life more difficult for gay and lesbian couples.

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  1. donelle says:

    If you take your marriage license and get a passport with your married name the DMV can’t say or o anything about it because the passport is a government issued iD

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