USA, Virginia: GOP Alleges Potential Democratic Governor Would Not Defend Marriage Equality Ban

Written by scott on September 15th, 2013

Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffeThe GOP in Virginia is playing the gay card. They are alleging that gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and Atty. Gen. candidate Mark Herring have a “secret plan” to kill state’s ban on gay marriage.

The Times Dispatch reports:

Democrats have a secret plan for legalizing same-sex marriage in Virginia. Republicans might call it that, believing it an effective way to drive dispirited conservatives to the polls in November. But there’s nothing secret about it. It’s as plain as the legal protocols and precedent on which this potential scheme depends. Put another way: A Democratic governor and a Democratic attorney general might pursue procedural options that could leave the state’s prohibition on same-sex marriage with virtually no one to defend it.

Quite a secret plan, isn’t it? Don’t defend a law that’s unconstitutional.

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    GOOD! Wish I could vote for them

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