USA, Washington: Tribe Votes to Recognize Marriage Equality

Written by scott on September 9th, 2013

Colville Tribal CouncilA Native American tribe has voted to accept marriage equality.

Equality on Trial reports:

Last Thursday, the Colville Tribal Council voted to allow marriage equality in the tribe, bringing the number of tribal jurisdictions in the U.S. that allow same-sex couples to marry to six. The Wenatchee World reports: Council Chairman Michael Finley said tribes have always known that gay people — who they call Two-Spirited Peoples — have a special place in their society. Finley said tribal culture has long recognized that some people are born a certain gender, and are drawn to people of the same gender. “They’ve always been accepted,” he said. Now, tribal law will also treat them equally and with respect, he said.

As an independent nation, the Colville tribe was not covered by Washington state’s marriage equality law. Congratulations to the tribe’s gay and lesbian members.

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