Australia: Some Couples to Marry Before High Court Challenge To ACT Marriage Equality Law

Written by scott on October 25th, 2013

Australia MapIt looks like there will be a brief window for same-sex couples to marry before the High Court hears the federal government’s challenge to the Australian Capital Territory’s new marriage equality law.

Gay Star News reports:

Same-sex couples will have a brief window of opportunity to begin marrying in Australia despite the Australian Government’s challenge in the High Court. The Australian Government had sought to expedite its challenge to the Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) law allowing same-sex couples to marry under territory law and the court held a directions hearing today at 2.15pm. However the case will not get a full hearing until mid-December and the ACT law comes into effect in early December – leaving a window in which same-sex couples will be able to marry before the court decides their constitutionality.

As we’ve noted before, it’s always a lot harder to tell couples who are already married that there marriages are invalid than to tell them that they can’t marry in the first place.

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