Colombia: First Same-Sex Marriage Annulled

Written by scott on October 4th, 2013

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The battle over marriage equality in Columbia’s courts continued this week, as one judge overruled another.

On Top Magazine reports:

The September 20 union of Julio Albeiro Cantor Borbon and William Alberto Castro Franco was declared a marriage by a Bogota civil court judge. A second couple, Elizabeth Castillo and Claudia Zea, joined them last week. Local media reported on Wednesday that Judge Eduardo Diaz annulled the first marriage on Wednesday, saying that there is no constitutional right for gay people to marry. The Husband and Wife Foundation, an anti-gay group run by Javier Suarez, moved to have the marriage canceled.

Marriage equality rights are unclear in Columbia at the moment because the legislature has refused to respond to a court order that it provide rights to same-sex couples. So for now, it’s unclear whether couples should be allowed to marry or enter into some form of civil partnership. The courts have so far refused to clarify the issue.

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