Four Things I Learned During My Transition

Written by scott on October 6th, 2013

Audrey BergquistI’ve never revealed any personal details of my life in articles that I’ve written for publication. Mainly because I didn’t feel that they were relevant to the topics at hand. However, because it’s pride season here in Orlando, it seems like an appropriate time to mention the fact that I’m a transgender woman. This wasn’t a secret. I’ve been publicly out since February. I’ve just never addressed the matter in a publication before.

I’ve learned a lot since I started my transition — like the fact that women’s pants pockets are useless — but I’d like to utilize this space to address some more pressing matters as well. I’ve compiled a list of the four most important things I’ve learned during my first year of transition below. Because Pride is – or should be – about being out and proud of who you are, no matter your gender.

1. A lot of transgender people don’t trust the Human Rights Campaign

The HRC wants you to believe that they fight for the rights of everyone who falls within the LGBT spectrum. Their track record, on the other hand, is rather dubious when it comes to trans inclusion. Before there was HRC there was the Gay Liberation Front, and the archaic anti-trans sentiments of early GLF members like Jim Fouratt still influence senior LGBT leaders today. In 1995 HRC’s then executive director, Elizabeth Birch infamously stated “Trans inclusion will be a legislative priority over my dead body.”

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