Is it Time to Dump the Word “Bisexual”?

Written by scott on October 8th, 2013

BisexualAn interesting article from Salon by Anna Pulley on whether it’s time to put the term “bisexual” to bed.

The author, who is herself b, isn’t giving up on the term because she thinks bisexuals don’t exist. Rather, she’s tired of bisexuals being belittled and misunderstood, and hopes a name change might help.

Bisexuals suffer from two problems:

1) Bisexual truthers (non-bisexuals who don’t believe bisexuals even exist); and

2) “Bisexual truther” truthers (bisexuals who don’t believe that a lot of people don’t believe in bisexuals).

I wrote a while back about Republican Governor Chris Christie’s ambivalence on whether gays could be cured, and penned the punny title “Chris Christie is bi on being gay.” That set off a firestorm of criticism from bisexuals who felt that it was okay for me to pun about being gay, but inappropriate to extend the puns to bisexuality. Putting aside for a moment the lack of a sense of humor, there was another much larger problem the title-controversy revealed: A lot of bisexuals don’t even realize that they’ve got a PR problem. (At least the vocal ones don’t.)

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