Italy: Head of Barilla Pasta Meets With Gay Rights Groups

Written by scott on October 8th, 2013

barillaIn the wake of his damaging comments about gays – telling gay customers they could go buy another company’s pasta – Guido Barilla met with gay organizations in Italy to try to smooth things over.

Joe.My.God reports:

Barilla met Arcigay, Arcilesbica, Famiglie Arcobaleno, Gaynet and Equality Italia associations at the Regione Emilia-Romagna headquarters, where former Arcigay president and now regional councillor Franco Grillini has his office. Grillini told Gay Star News: “We spoke about the company’s policies and about the impact on the LGBT community worldwide. Mr Barilla apologized once again and told us they are really worried for the boycotting in North America. The news had a big impact in the United States and they went to the US last week to reinforce their presence in that country.” According to Grillini, “We could say Barilla is going to do a pro-gay campaign in the future, but it’s not sure at the moment. We have to meet again and to discuss their new ads. They’ll probably do something for our community, they have understood that LGBTs have a strong power.”

It’s good to see that the company is feeling the pressure. We’re not buying it again.

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  1. patricia lumaava says:

    I really don’t care whether he apologized or whether he’s going to do any work with the LGBT community, I myself personally do NOT buy it. I know he is and will always be anti gay. I will never ever buy Barilla ever again. The damage is done. I have moved on…

  2. Marge Gilmartin says:

    There will be no more Barilla in my home. Mr. Barilla did not think before he spoke and his anti-gay words cannot be taken back. Any future ‘pro-gay campaign’ is a farce, too late and too fake. It appears that he is looking for the US Dollars.

  3. Stuart Wyman-Cahall says:

    I’m not really big on boycotts, personally. But I DO like having knowledge. I’m no connoisseur pasta…but we buy tons, whatever’s on sale. So I pay the extra 50 cents and buy the other guy’s linguine. If I know that a florist or a baker doesn’t wanna do my big fat gay wedding, why would I insist upon it? I go where my business is appreciated. Period. So this guy buckles. I wish he wouldn’t of. I can’t buy his pasta but he should stand by his convictions. Plenty of anti-gay folks out there he can market to.

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