Marriage Equality Round-Up 10/11/13

Written by scott on October 11th, 2013

Russian Athletes for NoH8We’re gonna try something new today – a quick round-up of the stories we don’t have time to add as individual blog posts. Hopefully we’ll be able to get more news and analyses to you this way. Let us know what you think!

Russia: More gay activists have been arrested in Russia. Story

Russia: Speaking of Russia, NOM’s Brian Brown has been over there stirring the shit pot. Story

Russia: Also in Russia, russian athletes posed for a NoH8 photo (above). Story

UK: Gays seeking asylum in the UK must prove their sexual orientation. Story

USA: The Post Office announced plans to introduce a Harvey Milk stamp. Story

USA: A new study shows people aren’t always honest about sexual orientation and homophobia with pollsters. Story

USA: Justice Kennedy is speaking out about marriage equality and the cases the court decided during the last term. Story

USA, California: Governor Brown just signed a new law giving same sex couples more access to fertility treatments. Story

USA,Illinois: The state restaurant association is backing the marriage equality bill. Story

USA, New Jersey: His steadfast opposition to marriage equality doesn’t seem to have dented Governor Christie’s poll support. Story

USA, New Mexico: Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Tie the Knot just released a new New Mexico themed bowtie, with Project Runway designer Patricia Michaels. Story

USA, New York: A panel will discuss marriage equality at SUNY Cortland on 10/16. Story


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