USA, Hawaii: Legislature Should Have Votes to Pass Marriage Equality Bill

Written by scott on October 29th, 2013

HawaiiHawaii lawmakers think they have enough support to pass the marriage equality bill through both houses of the legislature.

Gay Star News reports:

The bill is expected to easily pass the Senate by a margin of 21-4. It needs 26 votes to pass in the House. Hawaii News Now surveyed House members and reports that 27 of them plan to vote in favor of marriage equality while seven are still undecided. Representative Mark Takai is among those who say his position has changed in recent months. ‘I think it’s only fair to provide the same benefits and the opportunities that other states have provided and that the federal government is providing currently,’ Takai tells Hawaii News Now. ‘I think it’s time for the laws of the state of Hawaii to reflect the aloha spirit.’

In related news, Fred Karger is going after NOM and the Mormon church for possible campaign violations.

Joe.My.God reports:

“After assurances two years ago that the Mormon Church was officially out of the anti-gay marriage business that it has led since 1995, the powerful and secretive Mormon Church is now back fighting marriage equality,” said Karger. “They are once again being duplicitous and refusing to register all the paid Mormon Church employees who have been lobbying Hawaii state legislators in advance of this week’s Special Legislative Session. Governor Abercrombie has called the State Legislature back into session this week so that Hawaii can become the 15th state to allow the freedom to marry. NOM is running commercials throughout Hawaii and it did not register for its grassroots lobbying either.”

The bill passed out of the Senate committee yesterday after nearly 12 hours of testimony.

ABC News reports:

Some 1,800 people signed up to testify in person at a Senate committee hearing, which was carried live on TV and local news websites. Dozens of people gathered around three televisions in the Capitol rotunda, cheering testimony they agreed with and singing songs. Opponents of gay marriage solicited honks and shaka signs from passing motorists on the street, staging a large rally of hundreds of people timed with afternoon rush hour. The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill nearly 12 hours after testimony began, sending the bill to a floor vote expected on Tuesday.

Now we wait for the full Senate vote today.

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