USA, Iowa: Gallery Counter-Sues for Right to Discriminate Against Gay Couples

Written by scott on October 9th, 2013

IowaA gallery who turned away a same sex couple in August for a proposed wedding is suing the state.

Think Progress reports:

In August, the Gortz Haus Gallery outside Des Moines, Iowa refused to host a wedding for a same-sex couple, with the owners citing their religious beliefs as justification. The couple sued, claiming the business violated the Iowa Civil Rights Act (ICRA). Now, Betty and Richard Odgaard, the owners of Gortz Haus, have filed their own suit against the Iowa Civil Rights Commission (ICRC) seeking the right to continue discriminating lest their wedding business fold, as well as nominal damages for the harassment they say they’ve experienced since refusing to host the wedding.

And there’s the fine line. Not a church, but owners with “sincere religious beliefs.” What if those beliefs included a ban on marriage between two races?

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  1. Dwayne420 says:

    A business owners religious beliefs do not equate ones business as a religious institution/business… If they cannot do business without discrimination they need to close their doors.

  2. Dr. Lawrence Schlatter says:

    Time to find another wedding place. Also time for the gay community and their supporters to never shop at this gallery. One hopes that bias such as this can be weeded out by loss of business. Living in Ohio, one knows which businesses to patronize and which to avoid! Their names are published and distributed. Three categories listed – Gay friendly, neutral, or do patronize. I hope Iowa has such a list, and this place is on the “do not patronize” list. The acceptance of our straight allies is particularly important here.

  3. Kimberly says:

    You guys are assholes and need to be boy cot by all gays

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