USA: Marriage Equality Lawsuits in 19 States

Written by scott on October 9th, 2013

19statesFreedom to Marry has a recap of marriage equality lawsuits in 19 states.

Joe.My.God reports:

Freedom To Marry has posted a great recap of the 19 states where marriage equality is being battled in the courts. They write: Freedom to Marry’s national strategy has been to win a final victory in the Supreme Court. The key to encouraging the Court to rule in favor of the freedom to marry nationwide is to work the tracks of the Roadmap to Victory: growing public support, winning more states, and ending federal discrimination. While we create the climate for the Court in favor of marriage, here is a comprehensive look at marriage-related legal cases already underway.

Also, Marriage Equality’s own Ned Flaherty has his own list of pending lawsuits here. he also recaps past lawsuits.

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