USA, New Jersey: Conservatives Push for Marriage Equality Referendum; Gays Ask for Immediate Weddings

Written by scott on October 5th, 2013

New Jersey mapIn the wake of a New Jersey judge’s ruling for marriage equality, gays and conservatives are pushing in opposite directions.

CBS Philly reports:

Opponents of gay marriage in New Jersey are banding together in hopes of reviving an idea to put the question to voters in the form of a constitutional amendment. Several conservative groups are now coming under the banner of the “New Jersey Coalition to Preserve and Protect Marriage.” Donald Sico, who represents the New Jersey Catholic Conference (top photo), says the new group wants to get away from the usual finger-pointing rhetoric. “Let’s have a conversation, a dialogue, a debate,” he said today. “And let’s let it be a civil discourse.”

Notice how it’s always the bigots and bullies calling for a “civil discourse” to try to preempt any criticism they might get for the nasty tactics they always employ?

On the flip side, marriage equality advocates are asking the judge to let weddings begin on October 21st.

ABC News reports:

Gay-rights advocates on Friday asked a New Jersey judge to proceed with implementation of her order that the state start allowing same-sex marriages this month, saying the state failed to show irreparable harm if the nuptials take place. “Every day that same-sex cannot marry is a day that they do not have — and risk permanently losing — vital benefits relating to their health, income, quality of life, personal and financial security, and family stability,” Lambda Legal lawyer Hayley Gorenberg wrote in a brief on behalf of a half-dozen gay couples and the Garden State Equality civil rights group. “In contrast, the state asserts no real hardships at all.”

One way or another, this month or one month soon, marriage equality is coming to New Jersey.

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