USA, New Jersey: State Supreme Court Will Take Marriage Equality Case

Written by scott on October 12th, 2013

New Jersey mapThe New Jersey Supreme Court stepped into the marriage equality fight, and will also rule on whether a stay of the lower court’s order allowing weddings to begin October 21st is warranted.

Politicker NJ reports:

The opposing sides will file briefs in November, and the court will hear oral arguments either on Jan. 6 or 7 of next year. The high court also decided to take jurisdiction over the motion to stay Judge Mary Jacobson’s order to allow gay marriage starting Oct. 21. Jacobson ruled she would not postpone her order of last month, finding the state would suffer no real harm if marriages were allowed, but the couples who want to marry would. The state had gone to appellate court hoping to stay her ruling.

Governor Christie’s legal team trotted out the tired old “one unelected judge will of the people” argument.

LGNTQ Nation reports:

“It is in the public interest that such a profound change, if it is to occur, take place not because a single judge — no matter how diligent, thoughtful, and thorough — ordered it, but rather because the Supreme Court, the ultimate arbiter, has deemed it necessary,” the state Attorney General’s Office said in its brief. “To overhaul such an ancient social institution prematurely, precipitously, or in a manner ultimately deemed unnecessary would injure not only the public interest, but the State that represents this interest,” the filing said.

And, just for fun, we’ll report on Jersey Shore’s JWoww trashing the Governor over the whole thing.

Edge Boston reports:

“If you have a problem with two people being in love, and you’re against gay marriage, I have a problem with you,” Farley said. “What happens between two human beings has nothing to do with Chris Christie and does not affect Chris Christie. What does affect me is when my best friend can’t get married in New Jersey, and my best friend’s mother, who is a lesbian, can’t get married.”

Now that the Supreme Court has jumped in, especially since it’s before the 10/21 deadline, I’d guess a stay is likely. They’re not going to want the case to be moot before they hear it. What do you think?


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