USA, New York: Marine Couple Captured in Homecoming Kiss Gets Married

Written by scott on October 6th, 2013

Marines KissAnd now for a little Happy for your Sunday morning. Remember these guys?

You want a game changer boys and girls? How about having a red blooded U.S. Marine coming home after six months of fighting for his country ,jumping into the arms of the person he loves. And just for a little icing on the cake let’s do it in front of a freaking giant American flag. Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan returned Feb. 22 from Afghanistan to Hawaii and jumped into partner Dalan Wells’ arms. (Morgan is 5-feet 11-inches tall; Wells is 6-foot-6.) The friend that took the photo posted it on his facebook page and a day later it was all over the world.

Marines MarryWell, they just got married:

Turns out that Dalan is from here! His folks go to our church, and live right down the road! Dahn marries Dalan and Brandon! Neil did the beautiful flowers from his garden.
I’ll post a better pic of them when I get one.

Congratulations to Dalan and Brandon!

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  1. Gary Buckley says:

    Proud of them. Wish them nothing but the best in the future. Guys like them help change the world for the better. Not all of us are that strong!!

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