USA, North Carolina: Lesbian Couple Together for 40 Years Denied a Marriage License

Written by scott on October 3rd, 2013

Lesbian Couple North CarolinaA long-term lesbian couple in North Carolina applied for marriage license in Henderson County, and was turned away.

Joe.My.God reports:

“Carole and I are here today to apply for a marriage license,” said 79-year-old Mary Burson, “because we love each other, we’ve been together for 40 years…we’ve raised eight children together and we want to make the commitment that our brothers and sisters that are heterosexual can make.” Burson and her partner, Carole Kaiser, 79, hoped Register of Deeds Nedra Moles would join a county clerk in Pennsylvania who has issued 174 marriage licenses to gay couples, even though that state — like North Carolina — prohibits same-sex unions. “Well, consider is about all I can do, because you both know that according to North Carolina law, I cannot issue the marriage license (to same-sex couples),” Moles said. “I’ve made you a copy of the N.C. General Statute, in case you would like to look at it, but I cannot do this today. So, I must turn you down.”

I mean, look at them. How cute are they? How could anyone turn them down? It would be like saying no to your grandmother.

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