USA, Oregon: Intel Supports Marriage Equality Initiative

Written by scott on October 20th, 2013

Intel LogoComputing giant Intel came out in support of Oregon’s marriage equality initiative.

The Oregonian reports:

Count Intel among the big businesses in Oregon backing same-sex marriage rights, even before an initiative to make it legal in the state makes the ballot… Though Intel employs more Oregonians than any other business (it has more than 17,000 workers in Washington County) the company’s headquarters is in California. Intel usually resists taking a public stance on Oregon policy issues. Instead, the company works through groups in which it is a member – including the OBA – or through lobbyists in Salem.

Asked directly about its position on the pending Oregon ballot measure, Intel spokeswoman Chelsea Hossaini wrote: “Intel Corporation supports marriage equality. In Oregon, Intel is a board member of the Portland Business Alliance and the Oregon Business Association. Both organizations voted and have publicly supported marriage equality this year.”

Another big corporation sees that it’s in its best interest to support marriage equality.

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