Australia: Liberal Party May Allow Open Marriage Equality Vote, Communications Minister Says

Written by scott on November 4th, 2013 of the newly ascendant Liberal party’s top leaders suggested that the party may allow a vote on the marriage equality bill.

Gay Star News reports:

Malcolm Turnbull – Australia’s Communication Minister and leader of the Liberal Party while in Opposition from 2008 to 2009 – has said he believes his party room will allow a conscience vote on same-sex marriage. However the MP for what is considered Australia’s gayest electorate said he did not know whether there were enough supporters in the Australian Parliament for a bill to pass. ‘As to whether there would be a majority in favour of same-sex marriage in the House of Representatives and the Senate, I don’t know,’ he told Network Ten.

It’s sad that Australia’s support for marriage equality is in the mid-60%’s, but Parliament may not be able to scrounge up enough votes to pass it.

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