Croatia: Members of the European Parliament From Croatia Are Sorry About Anti Gay Referendum

Written by scott on November 19th, 2013


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Some of Croatia’s Members of the European Parliament appear to be embarrassed by their country’s rank homophobia.

Gay Web Source reports:

On 1 December, Croatian citizens will be called to vote on whether to alter the constitution to define marriage as ‘matrimony between a man and a woman’… MEPs regret the initiative, which creates a non-inclusive type of democracy by asking a majority to decide about the rights of a minority. Croatian Member of the European Parliament Sandra Petrovi\0x0107 Jakovina MEP reacted: “It is shameful that the first citizen’s initiative of my home country is one which seeks to limit other people’s rights.”

It’s nice that they feel this way, but with the Catholic Church throwing its weight behind the measure after having gotten a full 20% of the population to sign a petition demanding it, things look grim for our heroes.

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