Croatia: Parliament Approves Public Vote December 1st to Ban Marriage Equality

Written by scott on November 8th, 2013


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Croatia’s Parliament has approved an initiative for next month that would ban marriage equality in the country.

ABC News reports:

Croatia moved Friday to hold a referendum on whether to allow gay marriages, but critics say the vote is discriminatory and gay rights groups are challenging its wording as biased and unconstitutional. Parliament voted to have a Dec. 1 ballot asking the question: “Do you agree that marriage is matrimony between a man and a woman?” If a majority vote “yes,” Croatia’s constitution will be amended to specifically define marriage as between a man and a woman, in a de facto ban on gay marriages. The dispute over gay rights has divided Croatia. The country has taken steps to improve gay rights, but issues such as same-sex marriage remain highly sensitive in the staunchly Catholic nation.

Croatia just recently joined the European Union – will Europe’s courts have anything to say about this?

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