Written by scott on November 9th, 2013

Seriously?Here’s the the latest in our ongoing series of some of the crazy things the anti-gay, anti-marriage equality folks are saying and doing around the world.

Gay Marriage is Coming too Suddenly
Yeah, I’ve had that problem too, sometimes. Taiwan Pop Star Amber Kuo announced her dissatisfaction with the idea this week. full story

Gay Marriage is Like Planes Flying Into Buildings
That’s apparently what Hawaii House Rep. Gene Ward thinks about marriage equality. During the House debate, he compared its effects on the country to those of 9/11. full story


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  1. Joann Renteria says:

    yes I’m all for itbut why does it have to be so commercial eyes to deathwe all need to understand 1 thinggay people women whatever you wanna call it are going to get married weather we like it or notso live and let live

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