Written by scott on November 24th, 2013

Here’s the the latest in our ongoing series of some of the crazy things the anti-gay, anti-marriage equality folks are saying and doing around the world.

no_ballons_cakeLesbian Anniversary No Ballons
That’s what an anniversary cake from a Virginia bakery read when a woman picked it up for her partner. It was supposed to say “Happy Anniversary Lindsey! Love, Sarah.” Get that bigot some spelling lessons!
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I Admit that It’s All Your Fault
Melanie Nathan takes apart Anti Gay Activist Scott Lively’s “Answers and Defenses to Plaintiff’s first Amended Complaint” in the case against hi for spreading anti gay bigotry, which is filled with “admissions” like “Lively admits that David Kato is now dead because he was killed by a homosexual prostitute whom Kato hired for sexual favors and refused to pay.” Seriously.
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