USA, DC: Anti Gay Groups Kicked Out of Senate Meeting Room, Welcomed By Speaker Boehner in the House

Written by scott on November 16th, 2013

Illinois Senator Mark KirkA meeting by a group of anti gay groups seeking to bring Russian-style anti gay propaganda laws to the US was kicked out of a Senate meeting room by Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL). reports:

If you’ve been following recent reports on American right-wingers Scott Lively and Brian Brown, you may recall that they both recently traveled to Russia to attend a meeting of a virulently anti-gay group called the World Congress of Families, which is planning a Moscow Summit in 2014. KirkWell, the group had recently planned a meeting in D.C. and had reserved a meeting room at the Dirksen Senate Office building, until it was shut down by Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL), Buzzfeed reports:

“Shame on you, Senator Kirk, for allowing vocal radical sexual minorities to drown out the voices of the natural family and faith that have made our nation free, prosperous, and stable for more than 200 years,” said Larry Jacobs, managing director of the World Congress of Families in an email to BuzzFeed. “Obviously Senator Kirk doesn’t care about families and children and freedom and has chosen to side with the policies of decline, death and disease promoted by the Sexual Radicals.”

So now we’re agents of “decline, death and disease.” Nice. Gotta love those far right “Christians” and their Christ-love.

House Speaker John BoehnerBut not to worry – they soon found another venue.

Joe.My.God reports:

The office of House Speaker John Boehner secured meeting space for the World Congress of Families after their original sponsor, Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, canceled their space in a Senate office building following an outcry from LGBT activists, the group’s leader said. World Congress of Families President Allan Carlson praised Boehner’s intervention at in opening remarks at the event, which is focusing on what “pro-family legislators” can learn from foreign laws like Russia’s ban on “promoting non-traditional sexual relationships to minors.” “At least in the House of Representatives people have not succumbed to the great fear” of LGBT activists, Carlson said, likening the situation to developments in Germany, France, and Italy as fascism took hold of Europe. “A great fear seems to be descending over what has been called the world’s greatest deliberative body … ideas are being suppressed, debate is being shut off, and minds are being closed.”

Yes, and you guys are the ones bringing that fear and closing those minds. Looks like John Boehner is standing firmly on the wrong side of history.

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