USA, Hawaii: House Hears Fourth Day of Public Testimony

Written by scott on November 5th, 2013

HawaiiThe marriage equality hearing in the House ground on for a fourth day on Monday.

Honolulu Civil Beat reports reports:

Legislative progress on same-sex marriage had to wait another day. The Hawaii House Judiciary and Finance committees decided at 10:30 p.m. Monday to defer any decision-making on legislation granting same-sex couples the right to marry until Tuesday, at the earliest. The 30-member joint panel had heard more than 50 hours of testimony on Senate Bill 1 by Monday night when Finance Chair Sylvia Luke announced they were recessing.

The public testimony has taken on a predictable repetitiveness:

The pattern observed in previous testimony quickly became apparent: An overwhelming majority of testifiers opposed SB 1 and for much the same reasons. They believe marriage is between one man and one woman; gay people can’t procreate; the bill violates their faith; the bill is contrary to the First Amendment; it will ruin tourism; it will force schools to teach the “homosexual lifestyle;” it will spread sexually transmitted diseases; it will lead to polygamy; it’s a choice to be gay; they love the “sinner” but not the “sin;” they will vote lawmakers out of office if they pass SB 1; God will destroy Hawaii and the life of the land will no longer be “perpetuated in righteousness.”

One man’s testimony stood out – Tenari Maafala, the President of Hawaii’s police union.

The Huffington Post reports:

…who testified that he would never enforce a law requiring same-sex marriage.

“You would have to kill me,” he told the lawmakers. Maafala said that same-sex marriage is contrary to his religious views and, “I stand by my beliefs.” Maafala went on to say that the state should address homelessness and drugs rather than same-sex marriage and that denying gay couples the right to marry is not discrimination if it’s against one’s beliefs.

So if the KKK believes that interracial couples should marry, that’s not discrimination because it would be against their beliefs???? Seriously?

Another day of testimony begins at 10:30 AM. But we may be almost there.

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