USA, Hawaii: House Lawmakers Hear Arguments For, Against Marriage Equality Bill

Written by scott on November 1st, 2013

After the Hawaii state Senate approved the marriage equality bill in the landslide, the House took up the bill yesterday.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

House spokeswoman Carolyn Tanaka said 15,000 pieces of written testimony have been received by the judiciary and finance committees. Proponents and opponents of gay marriage packed a basement hallway in the Capitol ahead of the hearing, while others waved signs, prayed and solicited car honks from the Capitol rotunda and street… Because of the high public interest, the House committees waived a 24-hour deadline on submitting testimony, promising to accept testimony before and during the hearing. Lawmakers also planned to give candy to trick-or-treating children who were expected to spend prime candy-hunting hours of Halloween at the Capitol.

Hawaii State Sen. Bob McDermottOne GOP lawmaker is trying to throw a monkey wrench int the whole thing:

And a Republican lawmaker against the bill who has expressed frustration with the process is hoping to disrupt the special session with a lawsuit. Members of the public attend a Hawaii Senate committee hearing on gay marriage at the state Capitol in Honolulu on Monday. State Sen. Bob McDermott told The Associated Press on Thursday that he’s trying to get a judge “to shut this whole thing down. That’s my objective,” he said. McDermott told House members on the floor Thursday that the lawsuit filed Wednesday became appropriate when the Senate passed its gay marriage bill.

Wow, what unfortunate wording – isn’t that the same thing Todd Aiken said about women’s bodies and abortion?

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