USA, Illinois: Momentum Building for Vote on Marriage Equality Bill

Written by scott on November 1st, 2013

Illinois mapIt’s looking more and more likely that we may get a vote on the marriage equality bill in the second part of Illinois’ veto session, next week.

Edge Boston reports:

Anticipating a likely vote during the final week of the veto session, some lawmakers previously on the fence have announced their position on the question. Others are quickly drafting proposed changes so they can support the bill. More activists are calling for immediate action. And even opponents are planning for fallout ahead of the campaign season.

One legislator who firmed up his support is Rep. Al Riley, an Olympia Fields Democrat who’s been hesitant to discuss his position publicly. He told The Associated Press he’s now a “yes.” “I’m not in the business of discriminating against people,” he said. The road to “good public policy is that you don’t talk about it all the damn time.”

It’s gonna be a squeaker. If you live in Illinois, call your House representative NOW.

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