USA, Ohio: LGBT Group Has Enough Signatures To Take Marriage Equality to the Ballot in 2014

Written by scott on November 14th, 2013

OhioIt looks like Ohioans may have a chance to vote for marriage equality next November.

The Athens News reports:

Ohio voters likely will have an opportunity to vote on a state constitutional amendment for equal marriage rights next November. Athens native and Ohio University graduate Ian James, a co-founder of Freedom to Marry Ohio, said Tuesday the group has met its petition threshold for the ballot. James, who graduated from Athens High School in 1984 and Ohio University in 1989, said Tuesday that Freedom to Marry is continuing to collect signatures with the goal of getting 1 million Ohioans signed on to support the constitutional amendment.

The amendment itself is only 46 words long, and if passed would become the shortest amendment in the state’s history. It has three central provisions: Allow two consenting adults freedom to enter into marriage regardless of gender; give religious institutions freedom to determine whom to marry; and give religious institutions protection to refuse to perform a marriage.

The last polling we have from Ohio, from April, shows state voters supporting the measure by 48% to 44%. A victory in Ohio would mean that both Indiana and Pennsylvania would be bordered by states on both sides with full marriage equality. It’s like the best game of Risk ever.

Editor’s note:

An update on the polling in Ohio from MEUSA’s Ned Flaherty:

On 19 August 2013, Public Policy Polling surveyed 551 OH voters and reported that 48% support marriage equality, 42% do not, and 10% are unsure.

On 3 September 2013, Public Religion Research Institute surveyed 1,001 adults representative of OH residents on same-gender civil marriage, and reported 47% in favor, 47% opposed, and 6% unsure or refusing. Regarding a ballot measure to amend the constitution to allow same-gender civil marriage, 45% favor it, 51% oppose it, and 4% don’t know or refused.

Thanks, Ned!

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  1. Adaire says:

    Hooray for Ohio!!!! This took a tremendous effort by Freedom to Marry Ohio, and the dedication of its volunteers. Can’t wait to celebrate with you all after next Novembers Victory! Kisses from California!


  2. Jake says:

    There is something wrong about this story and I think you should take it down. If it were true, it would be very big news as it would mean that a major ballot fight would be set to occur in a large swing state in less than a year.

    But there is not one other news outlet reporting that FTM Ohio has gathered enough signatures. And there is no mention of this on FTM Ohio’s website or on their twitter page. This all appears to come from a single article in the Athens News. But in that same article, there is no discussion of turning in any signatures to the Secretary of State, and further, the head of FTM Ohio says that they need to have hundreds of thousands more conversations with voters.

    Either confirm this story with FTM Ohio or take it down.

  3. scott says:

    You’re right, this is the only story we’ve seen on this so far. As further stories come in on this, we’ll be sure to post them, whether they confirm or disprove what this one says.

  4. Freedom Ohio Volunteer says:

    This article is false, the group NEVER said they had enough, they are working towards a million signatures, Join the campaign to help with the goals..

  5. Megan Gibson says:

    I am really happy about this! I am a fellow Ohioan and if this is passed I will be able to get married to the one I love without rejection!

  6. Lee Williams says:

    I would rather see it on the May 2014 ballot than the one in November.

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