Europe: High Court Rules That Civil Unions Must Carry Equal Benefits to Marriage

Written by scott on December 12th, 2013

Europe: Twenty Seven Different Interests on Gay MarriageThe European Union’s high court just ruled that countries that don’t give same-sex couples for marriage equality must offer the same benefits under civil unions or civil partnerships.

Edge Boston reports:

The EU Court of Justice ruled Thursday in the case of Frederic Hay, a French bank worker who was denied the extra leave and bonuses given to married employees after he entered into a civil pact with his male partner. At the time, French law restricted marriage to people of different sexes. The European Court called Hay’s situation “direct discrimination based on sexual orientation.” French law and the bank’s collective bargaining agreement have changed since. But a court spokesman said Thursday’s ruling now sets an EU-wide standard.

So is this ruling a step forward for Europe’s same-sex couples? Or an excuse for countries to sidestep full marriage equality? Or both?

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