Marriage Equality Round-Up 12/28/13

Written by scott on December 28th, 2013

Barbara CoatsworthFor those who don’t know, Mark and I lost my stepmother, Barbara Coatsworth, in a tragic accident last Monday. While we have been down for the count, Melanie Nathan has stepped in to help on the blog.

For those who are interested, you can read about it here – my step brother Whitney, Barbara’s son, is far more talented at these things than I am, and has written a beautiful, heartbreaking post about his mom.

We’re going to get back into things today with a catch-up post of the stories we missed the last five days.

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent us love and support.

Now, on to the round-up:

Australia: Marriage equality proponents have a hit list of anti-gay MPs they want to unseat. full story

China: Two thirds of Chinese people polled think homosexuality is “unacceptable”. full story

Taiwan: A Taiwan university chapel hosted Taiwan’s first Christian religious marriage services this week. full story

Uganda: Uganda’s President may not sign the anti gay law recently passed by parliament. full story

USA: The Dallas Voice has a great recap of the year in gay. full story

USA: America Blog has another review of 2013. full story

USA: And yet another 2013 in review, this one from AFER. full story

USA: More than half of Duck Dynasty fans back legal recognition for same sex couples. full story

USA, California: Schools are getting ready to implement the state’s new transgender students law. full story

USA, California: Since it looks likely a repeal initiative of California’s new student transgender law will fail to qualify for the ballot, opponents are turning to the courts. full story

USA, Hawaii: Now that the state has passed a marriage equality law, lawyers are asking for dismissal of the marriage equality lawsuit. full story

USA, Idaho: Lawyers in a marriage equality lawsuit are trying to block the state from intervening. full story

USA, Idaho: Professor thinks state’s anti gay marriage law could be easily overturned. full story

USA, Indiana: Indiana republicans are finding that it’s no longer so easy to ban marriage equality. full story

USA, Nevada: The Ninth Circuit has delayed the marriage equality trial by 30 days at the request of the defendants. full story

USA, New Jersey: 73% in New Jersey are happy with the state’s marriage equality status, an unofficial poll found. full story

USA, New Mexico: One NM county has yet to issue a marriage license to a same sex couple. full story

USA, Ohio: An Ohio judge ruled that legally married same sex couples were entitled to have their spouse’s name on their death certificates. full story

USA, Oregon: A man who married his partner in Washington after 60 years together passed away. full story

USA, Utah: Nearly 1,000 same sex couples have married in Utah since the weddings began last week. full story

USA, tag: All Utah counties are now issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. full story

USA, Utah: The 10th Circuit has declined to stop Utah’s same sex weddings for a fourth time. full story

USA, Utah: The state is hiring independent council (want to bet it’s the “Alliance Defending Freedom” folks out of Scottsdale, AZ?). full story

USA, Utah: The state is escalating its battle to block same sex weddings to the US Supreme Court. full story

USA, Utah: The Human Rights Campaign is blasting the state for wasting millions on an appeal that will probably prove futile. full story

USA, Utah: An unofficial poll shows that 74% want Utah’s same sex marriages to continue. full story

USA, Wisconsin: There are currently no legal challenges to Wisconsin’s ban on marriage equality, according to The Cap Times full story


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