Rose Parade Gay Marriage Float Causes Call for a Boycott

Written by scott on December 27th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.01.23 PMA San Diego woman, Karen Grube is calling for a boycott of the popular Pasadena Rose Parade because two men from Los Angeles are scheduled to be married on a float called “Love is the Best Protection,” the Pasadena Star News reports. The  cake-shaped float is being sponsored by The AIDS Healthcare Foundation to help raise awareness of HIV infection in the gay community.

Earlier this month ABC News reported that Aubrey Loots, 42, and his partner Danny Leclair, 45, will tie the knot as nearly 68 million people watch, which will mark the first time a same-sex couple marries during the Rose Parade’s 125-year history. The men, who have been dating for 12 years, won the opportunity after they entered a contest at a wedding expo in October.

Grube believes the float should be removed from the New Year’s parade. She’s gone as far as to call corporate sponsors to gain their support in case the wedding goes as planned.

Grube has also created a Facebook page called “Boycott the 2014 Rose Parade” to get others on her side.

“Gay marriage is illegal in over 30 states, why would they promote something that is blatantly illegal?” Grube wrote. “That’s just stupid.”

As of this writing her Facebook page has 227 likes. She says she doesn’t believe the Rose Parade should be involved in a “political agenda.”

“It used to be a family thing, to get up on New Year’s Day morning and watch the parade,” she said. “It no longer is.”

Same-sex marriage has been legal in California where Grube resides since Proposition 8 was struck down by the United States Supreme Court in June.



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  1. Deborah says:

    I don’t even know where to begin on how ridiculous asking people to boycott a parade just because 2 people want to get married in it is! These two HUMAN BEINGS want to have a very public ceremony to show the world how much each of them means to the other and you want to turn your back on them and ask everyone else to do the same!? How cold and cruel can you be!?

  2. Jon in Canada says:

    I have but two words for this woman to ponder: Duck Dynasty.

    If Phil Robertson was, as many homophobes and racists on the right have stated, free to speak his mind without consequence…..surely these two men can marry without censure.

    Or,am I missing something?

    Yeah….that’s what I thought.

  3. john hough says:


  4. Nina says:

    Ignorant haters are gonna hate. Pitiful.

  5. Bruce says:

    She’s right. A parade isn’t the place for a political agenda. But she seems to be pushing hers. It’s two people getting married . Nothing political about it.

  6. melnathan says:

    A parade has always included subtle political undertones. That said, had a straight couple won the prize of the marriage on the float it would not have been considered by this BIGOT Grube as political, but she made it political with her stance against equality and freedom to marry.

  7. jane doe says:

    You want to be grossed out and laugh at the same time? Be sure to watch the Stanford ( GO CARD) band as it rounds the corner. These doofuses are the best part of the parade. My kid went to Stanford and is gay and in case anyone is interested, a straight couple did get married during the parade last year.
    GO ROSE PARADE and did I mention GO CARD?

  8. Brenda says:

    Iam going to watch it now to celebrate with the happy couple. If the sponsors of the contest were worried they would have not let a homosexual couple enter.

  9. Christopher says:

    Since last night, after I went on to point out that a few things, such as Romans 13:10, she’s shut down comments and outside voices. If you don’t believe in gay marriage, fine (my boyfriend doesn’t). Don’t marry someone of the same sex. But to make me, as a non-Christian, to live by their religious tenets, not only violates the Constitution, but it’s the same thing the AlQueda and Taliban are doing (trying to force their countries to follow their conservative religious rule).

    These people have such issues understanding the Constitution. They are in sore need of a civics class.

  10. Thanks for all the support… Let me say something that tickled me pink… When Grube, the bigot lady, said that politics should be kept out of the Rose parade, I did a lmfao…. How come when the straight people got married it was not considered political? But when Gay people get married marriage becomes political.. of me oh my the mind of a bigot…

  11. DarthEVaderCheney says:

    Yet another asinine right winger who doesn’t realize that marriage equality is legal in CA where the Rose Parade is held. If Bitch Karen doesn’t want her family to view it, stay the hell at home and learn to knit! This is almost paranormal/super natural! Yiyiyiyiyi!

  12. CB says:

    People need to know that AIDS Healthcare Foundation has become the organizer for the Rose Parade. The playing field for this parade is no longer level. Organizers have an agenda to force on the American public, something the voters of California know all about ever since politicians and judges reversed the will of the people after CA voted on the gay marriage issue.

  13. WestSacGreenDesignGP says:

    Sounds like this woman should consider moving someplace where her hate-filled agenda and invective spewing will be appropriate and welcomed – Uganda leaps to mind. Here in California, we (typically) value a range of views, allow for multiple voices and perspective, and where and when we disagree, we tend to do so pretty respectfully – I promise this is an exception.

  14. melnathan says:

    What was level in the CALIFORNIA prop 8 playing field when those voters succumbed to millions and millions of dollars in TV ads paid for by Utah’s Mormon community and church. The LGBT community could not match it and so by a small margin the Prop 8 ballot was won. I guarantee you that if that vote were to happen today you will see the REAl will of the people and you will see a REAL level playing field. That is we why have the system of Judicial independence – because ultimately justice will prevail through the courts. So CB time to give up the old war and to evolve. And by the way the WILL of the people will definitely prevail when our new young generation step up. They would have found a way to KILL prop 8 at some point…

  15. CB says:

    I assure you millions of people never heard or viewed any Mormon commercials, but if that is your explanation and where you want to focus your hate that’s fine. YOUR “young generation” may depend on TV commercials to tell it how to think, but the vast majority of Americans do not and that will always be true. You and every American should be scared at the thought of politicians and courts overturning the vote of the people. No matter where you stand on this issue, you better pay attention. Just because you are happy this time, next time you will not be as fortunate. How will you feel when the courts overturn YOUR vote? That is the crucial point here; NOT gay-straight, rich-poor, black-white, male-female, etc, etc. Perhaps you need a TV commercial in order to understand?

  16. CB you are so wrong. The only hate is expressed by those who are not willing to accept that same-sex couples have an inherent and Constitutional right to equality under the law.

    The next generation will prove you wrong on the issue.

    Millions viewed the Mormon commercials and were misled. We can prove that. Do you think they would be so stupid as to put so much money into something that does not work?

    The only stupid thing that they did not factor is was… Now Utah has same-sex marriage too.

    The American system works very well. If we were stuck with your view as to how things SHOULD work, we would probably still have slavery!

    Fortunately generations move toward liberation and so we see this next frontier being conquered too.

  17. CB says:

    The only hate I hear and see is that expressed here towards a woman who merely expressed her freedom of opinion. If your generation and your position were as strong as you say, you wouldn’t need to come to this forum and preach to the choir. And you wouldn’t need to use politicians and judges to bully your way through life. By doing so, all you achieve is animosity from those who disagree. Sad that you only see things YOUR way and, unlike most people, cannot understand or permit an opposing point of view. Hatred clearly controls your thoughts and demands that others be silenced, a common attribute of your enlightened generation.

  18. CB,
    She is more than expressing her freedom of opinion CB and that is what makes your assertions so incorrect. She is asking people to boycott te parade because she thinks gay people should not have parity. If it were a straight couple getting married on the float, as they did last year, then she would not be asking people to boycott the parade. Had she merely said I disagree with gay marriage, then tat would have been her fair voice. But she started an FB page, using hurtful and hateful rhetoric to target the couple who won the lottery to be married on the float, fair and square. Same-sex marriage is LEGAL in California, which ever way you look at it. parity is the law. And this woman has come out with much hate against a couple – disturbing their happy day. The ONLY thing that made this political was this woman saying their marriage ought to be treated with disdain at the parade. NOT NICE anyway you choose to try and spin it CB.

  19. Nicole A says:

    I usually don’t watch the Rose Parade, but now I will. Congrats to the newlyweds!

  20. Christine McQ says:

    I will definitely make sure to turn on the parade this year! I spend my time on various websites fighting for the rights of my GLBT friends and this is definitely one of the rights I fight for. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  21. CB says:

    Be real! This lady did nothing different than we have seen done repeatedly by gay rights groups or others who take offense whenever they disagree with someone or some company. You cannot pick up a newspaper in this country without hearing about some group that has been offended every day. But when a liberal group or individual has been offended, this suddenly becomes a crime, a hate crime even, which justifies the mindset shown in this forum. She is using the same freedom all people enjoy. Parades are not the place for marriages, regardless of orientation. Now that the door to the slippery slope has been opened, it is likely the Rose Parade will become nothing more than another ridiculous showroom for social and political agendas. Sad that adults have to ruin the few remaining innocent events for our children. What I don’t quite understand is why her name is so important to all of you? She is only one of millions who feels this way. The gay movement will truly progress only after you begin to love the ones you hate, respect the rights of others and stop your ongoing quest for preferential treatment.

  22. Bigg3469 says:

    To Karen “The homophobic Bigoted PRUDE” Grube if you don’t like living here in California. Why don’t you take you prudish homophobic self and move to North Korea AND STAY THERE!!!! “Pig-Un” Kim the “Dear Leader” would love to have you there!

  23. Bigg3469 says:

    to CB
    Do you and that idiot Karen Grube attend the same homophobic church of Bigots know as the Westboro “Baptist” Church? Listen Bucko it’s the Uber Extreme Right Wingnut Fundementalist Christians who are ruining it for everyone with their warped perverted beliefs on the Word of God.

  24. melnathan says:

    Excuse me? Offended people? I must say this is a tired old comment when people who discriminate take the ‘victimizer’ and make them the victim…. “Boo HOoo we are offended that you are fighting for your rights?” LGBT GAY people do not have equal rights in this country. Hence Gay people get to fight for their rights. If you did not have the right to marry, if you could lose your job because of your sexuality, if you were beaten up just because of your sexuality I would hope you would have the guts to fight back. Or would you lay on your couch and accept your marginalization? CB have you ever been part of a minority? If so you may know how it feels. So to dare suggest that the LGBT experience and its need to fight for its rights is offensive shows you are either a complete ignorant fool, or you have never experienced being discriminated against or that you are plain and simple bigotted against gays in your thinking? Which one is it? Whats the difference between a straight couple or a gay couple getting married on that float? And by the way it already happened and the world has yet to cave in.!!!

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