USA, Indiana: Right-Wing Group Distributes Scare Flyer On Marriage Equality

Written by scott on December 14th, 2013

Indiana Hate Flyer

A right-wing group wants churchgoers to push state legislators to pass a marriage equality ban, and is trying to scare them.

Towleroad reports:

A church flier being distributed to churches across Indiana by Advance America meant to scare churchgoers about the consequences of same-sex marriage warns that pastors will be jailed, cross-dressing men will be stalking women in restrooms, government will force businesses to cater to gay weddings, and schools will teach children “that gay marriage is normal,” the Indy Star reports: Advance America, led by fundamentalist Christian activist Eric Miller, is among several religious-based organizations fighting at the grass roots to urge Indiana legislators to approve the proposed marriage amendment early next year. It then would go to voters on the November 2014 ballot.

Of course, we seen these tactics before. They were used in California in the run-up to Prop 8, and in many other states as well, and some of them are being used to try to defeat a new law protecting California’s transgender kids. They’ve worked before. The question is, do they still work?

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  1. Mike says:

    I say we all email them and vote No dont matter what state ur in.

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