Filmmaker Planning Documentary on Marriage Equality Fight

Written by scott on January 10th, 2014

Got this from D’Arcy Benincosa about a new documentary she’s working on:


There has never been a feature length movie documenting the story of gay marriage across America because it hasn’t been legal… yet.

There is a A LOVE STORY

That has been waiting to be told.

The wait is over.

Now is your chance to become part of a story that has never been told before. A story of love, hope, courage, acceptance, and tolerance. A story that is important to me. A story that is important to you.

This story is history in the making.

Now is the time for a feature length film documenting the story of gay marriage across America. Such a film has not been made because gay marriages have not been performed on a wide scale before. But things are changing, and it is time to tell the remarkable story of this change, in real time, as it’s happening.

In years to come, the couples, the judges, all the people involved in this change will be our heroes. A documentary film based on the unfolding events of 2014 will connect us to these heroes and to our shared humanity.

A culture is made up of stories passed from one generation to the next. The foundation of the way we define our lives is expressed through stories told in movies, social media, news media, and books written at a given time in history. It’s time to make a change in the stories we’ve passed on about the LGBT community.

The trend in our culture has been to portray our LGBT neighbors as misfits, always on the outskirts of normal society, often so eccentric that we are unable to relate. Rarely do you see a movie featuring gay couples sharing a simple kiss, holding hands, or looking at each other with expressions of everyday love– these simple actions are the foundation of everyone’s love story. They make art art and love love– your love and my love. I want to make a documentary film about these everyday, extraordinary stories that make us all the same.

Thirty-two states in America have stories like this that need to be told. With your help we can make 2014 the year to tell these stories.

I believe marriage will be granted to everyone who wants it this year. We are on the right path. History is being made and it deserves to be documented. Not from the viewpoint of hate or of politics. Not from a feeling of controversy or from the idea that this is an issue to be dealt with–but from the singular perspective of LOVE. This film will seek to melt away fear and to tell the love stories our culture has ignored for far too long.

I am ready to tell this story. My career as a freelance photographer and film maker allows me to hop on a plane or get in my car at a moment’s notice and travel to each state as history is made. I will conduct interviews with judges, clergy, gay and lesbian couples and with people who make it all possible–creating one of the most comprehensive stories of marriage equality ever told.

I believe in people. I believe in the power of love. And I believe that the thing that connects us to each other, regardless of our differences, is our personal story. Our stories are our lives. They are fleeting. They are precious. They are worthy of being documented.




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  1. Dr.Hunter O'Hara/ Mr.Larry Poulakis says:

    We’d like to share about out marriage in 2010. We live in Florida but were married in Provincetown, Mass.

  2. too has documented all the marriages so far and clips can be seen – however the scope of that film is much larger than mere marriage.

  3. Rev. Steven Protzman says:

    This is a wonderful project! I’d be glad to share about officiating for marriage equality here in Iowa. We’ve had close to 200 couples come to our church and it has been an amazing, powerful, life changing experience for us!

  4. Robert Burns says:

    Living in Thailand for 12 years and when DOMA went down went to New Zealand and got married and immediately applied to US immigrations to move back home. We had been wanting to move for over 6 years , but could only live here together.

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