Marriage Equality Round-Up 1/28/14

Written by scott on January 28th, 2014

Gay Wedding - RingsHere’s our daily quick round-up of the marriage equality and LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we just didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

Mexico: The LGBT rights movement in Mexico is gaining ground. full story

Russia: The patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church is pushing for an official ban on marriage equality in the country. full story

UK: Bishops in the Church of England have decided to delay a decision on what to do about marriage equality and healing the rift between the church and the LGBT community. full story

USA: Queen Latifah takes us backstage at the Grammys. full story

USA: Speaking of the Grammys, one of the couples speaks out about their experience. full story

USA: And apparently, to the couples in the Grammys ceremony were from Utah. full story

USA: A new report shows that the Catholic group “the Knights of Columbus” has spent millions fighting gay marriage. full story

USA: Former Congressman Barney Frank says the NRA is the role model for the fight for marriage equality in the states. full story

USA, New Mexico: The state may soon recognize the validity of same-sex marriages performed in Utah. full story

USA, South Dakota: The state representative who introduced a bill to allow Christians to discriminate against gays is introducing a second bill that would make it illegal for ministers to conduct same-sex marriages. full story

USA, Nevada: A Carson City clerk who is a defendant in the marriage equality case has withdrawn his opposition to marriage equality. full story

USA, Texas: The NoH8 campaign is coming to Dallas tomorrow. full story


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