Marriage Equality Round-Up 1/3/14

Written by scott on January 3rd, 2014

Gay WeddingHere’s our daily quick round-up of the marriage equality and LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we just didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

Worldwide: 10% of the world’s population now lives in places where marriage equality is legal. full story

India: The country’s Supreme Court is defending its decision to re-criminalize gay sex full story

China: 74% of Hong Kongers support some level of same sex relationship recognition. full story

USA: Whether or not the NFL is pro-marriage equality depends on which team owner you ask. full story

USA, Hawaii: Gay Star News looks at how Hawaii is handling same-sex divorces. full story

USA, New Mexico: Lawsuits are planned in the Navajo Nation to legalize marriage equality. full story

USA, Utah: Marriage equality supporters must file their brief with US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor today regarding why no stay should be placed on same sex weddings in Utah. full story

USA, Utah: Now that gays can marry (for now) in Utah, they can also divorce. full story


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