On Utah, and How Marriage Equality Reinforces Religious Freedom

Written by scott on January 20th, 2014

Utah Mormon ChurchThere’s a certain irony in watching Utah deal with a similar legal-marriage system that some members of that state helped enforce in California back in 2008. That is, until one remembers that real peoples’ lives are upended by the attempts to block marriage equality.

In 2008, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ leadership rallied its troops to support California’s Proposition 8. (The LDS was later fined $36,928 by the California Fair Political Practices Commission for 13 violations of state campaign regulations.) And now, slightly more than five years later, Utah’s discriminatory marriage laws have been overturned, which resulted in more than 900 legal marriages between partners of the same sex…

But not a single one of those 900 marriages took place in LDS temples or other places of worship. Just as was true in California, before Prop. 8, civil-marriage equality does not infringe on religious freedom. Churches—including the LDS—remain free to refuse to marry any couple that does not meet their doctrinal requirements for marriage.

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