Written by scott on January 23rd, 2014

Seriously?Here’s the the latest in our ongoing series of some of the crazy things the anti-gay, anti-marriage equality folks are saying and doing around the world.

The Gays Cause Autism in Other People’s Kids
That’s basically the claim of a GOP candidate in Chicago, who thinks Autism and Dementia are god’s punishments for gay rights laws here in the US. Is there anything they won’t try to pin on us? I failed my exam – damn you, gay rights! My team lost the game – stupid gay rights!
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No One is Homosexual and Everyone is Heterosexual
Linda Harvey’s latest tact is to explain that there simply are no gays or lesbians – we’re all just deluded. And here I’ve been thinking that she was the one drinking the koolaid…
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God Wants Me to Fight Gay Marriage
The special counsel in Utah is taking on the case out of a sense of religious duty. Because God loves it when you hate on the homosexuals – just ask Jesus.
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Smoking and Drinking Will Make Your Baby Gay
At least that’s the result of a new study out of the UK. Anyone see any push-back on this? Sounds wacky to me.
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Gays Are Unnatural
A prominent Indian psychiatrist has labeled gays unnatural. Showing that she is decades behind the US on the proper anti-gay terminology. That’s so 80’s.
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They’re Stoning Gays in Uganda Because US Gays Won’t Stay Closeted
Ex gay activist Christopher Doyle lays the blame for hateful laws and actions against gays in Uganda, Nigeria, and other countries solely on the shoulders of Western gays demanding their rights. If we just shut up and went back into the closet, other countries wouldn’t need to go after their own gays.
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Making Businesses Work With Gays is Like Making Gays Go to Church
That’s the contention of Tony Perkins this week. So forcing a business to work with everyone equally is the same as forcing religion on someone sitting in their own home? or maybe he wants to get us all into church, and this is all a secret plan to arrange a trade off, religious liberty for mandatory church attendance by all gays? LOL…
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I Demand Marriage Equality for My Throuple
There are some words you probably never thought you’d hear from a right-wing homophobe. But don’t worry – he’s just using the example to bash us over the head with the slippery slope. Talk about an argument leftover from the 80’s…
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Marriage Equality is Like White Supremacy
Talk about flipping the argument – in Nevada, the Coalition for the Protection of Marriage is claiming that they are the ones pushing for civil rights, and the gays are the white supremacists hell-bent on adding unfair rules to marriage. Unfair because they infringe on the rights of straight couples to discriminate against gays? The whole thing goes down a rabbit hole at some point, and never comes back up.
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