USA, Arizona: Senate Committee Approves Bill to Allow Businesses to Discriminate Against Gays

Written by scott on January 23rd, 2014

Arizona Representative Steve YarbroughA bill that would let businesses discriminate against, well, basically anyone by claiming religious beliefs passed a state Senate committee yesterday.

Dot429 reports:

The bill would allow businesses to refuse service for religious reasons, effectively giving them a “license to discriminate.” Yarborough has said that he introduced the bill because a “modest clarification” was needed in Arizona’s religious freedom law.

Yarborough acknowledged to reporter Howard Fischer that the bill’s impact could reach as widely as hotels refusing rooms to LGBT people, or individuals discriminating against unmarried women, or refusing employment to individuals with different beliefs. He claims that, just like the current pharmacy law in place, which allows pharmacists to decline service based on religious preferences (such as refusing to sell birth control), as long as individuals could find what they need elsewhere it should not pose a problem.

Got that? As long as you have separate but equal facilities elsewhere, discrimination should not be a problem. Are we seriously having this argument in this country all over again?

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  1. Juan says:

    This stupid Senator, i think he’s turning back time!!

  2. Frank Van Buskirk says:

    I’m in the travel industry 31 years and refuse to bring any more of my $41,000,0000 in convention business to the state, let Jan Brewer explain that to the lost resort revenue!

  3. Larry says:

    I moved away from Arizona 10 years ago. I now live in Mississippi. It’s ironic that I now have more rights and freedoms living in the last state that finally made slavery illegal…last year!

  4. Doug says:

    what a stupid backwards lil twat!
    Arizona, the land of sun and bigoted assholes!

  5. Martha says:

    What is wrong with these people? They are not true Christians, true Christians wouldn’t spread hate like these people….

  6. Jackie Boo says:

    I think another state passed something similar to this last week so this must be a trend that is catching on. I agree with this bill that if you are a business owner and believe in and live by your faith that you should be able to refuse service to whoever you want. I do not think this is the begining of something bigger like racial issues etc. This is a religious issue and we MUST represent all religious beliefs including Christian and Muslim,whether we agree or not. If I was Gay and someone didn’t want to bake my wedding cake I could care less I would just give my business to someone who did. We as a society have been taught tto be offended by everything that someone says or does to us. This couple opened a can of worms by suing the guy. bad idea. We can’t force everyone to think and believe the same even business owners. It goes both ways folks.

  7. jacob says:

    I lived in Arizona for 1 yr and saw how backwards this state was. Some will praise this and others will rally against it. How this could be legal, I will never understand. Thank god I’m back in Texas. This will shed light on the racist business owners who shouldn’t have the luxury of a thriving business and hopefully will lose it when their true colors come to light.

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