USA Colorado: Anti Gay Pastor Arrested for Robbing Gay Man, Impersonating Police Officer

Written by scott on January 29th, 2014

Pastor Michael AbromovichA pastor for Set Free Ministries was arrested after “arresting” a gay man, stealing his belongings and pretending to be a police officer. reports:

Pastor Michael Abromovich set up a post on Craigslist as “Mike”, advertising for gay sex at a local motel. When one man answered the ad and arrived at Abromovich’s room, Abromovich slammed the man against the wall and handcuffed him, claiming to be a U.S. Marshall all the while holding him at gunpoint with what eventually turned out to be a paintball gun. Abromovich then searched the man and took his iPad, iPhone, cash, debit card, and car keys as “evidence” that would be “sent back to the lab.” Abromovich was eventually stopped in Phoenix for a traffic violation. When he flashed a badge to the officers, they became suspicious and investigated further, discovering that Abromovich was wanted in Colorado Springs. He has since been extradited to Colorado Springs and investigations continue into whether there were more victims.

Simply bizarre… what’s going on in this guy’s head?

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