USA, Indiana: House Committee to Debate Marriage Equality Ban Today

Written by scott on January 13th, 2014

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An Indiana House committee is set to vote on a proposed ban on gay marriage in the state today. reports:

As we reported last week, Indiana’s House Judiciary Committee is set to consider two measures, an amendment constitutionally banning same-sex marriage, and a resolution related to it.

The Indy Star reports: The committee also will be considering a companion bill intended to clarify the amendment’s intent. That measure states that the amendment is not intended to deny employer health benefits to same-sex couples or to circumvent local ordinances that forbid discrimination. Supporters are hoping the companion bill will help reassure lawmakers who are concerned about the amendment’s second sentence, which also bans civil unions or other arrangements “substantially similar” to marriage. The committee’s four Democrats are expected to vote against the amendment, but three Republicans would have to join them to defeat it. Most observers say that’s unlikely.

If the bill gets through the Indiana legislature, it will still have to be voted into law by the people of Indiana. This is the far right’s last chance to pass a new state ban on marriage equality. Expect them to go all-in.

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