USA, Indiana: Is the Gay Marriage Ban Dead?

Written by scott on January 28th, 2014

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A bipartisan group in the Indiana House of Representatives voted yesterday to strip out the “second sentence” of the proposed amendment that would have also banned civil unions.

Queerty reports:

Despite the best efforts of Republicans to maneuver it through the Indiana legislature, a state constitutional amendment that would ban marriage equality looks like it won’t make it onto the ballot this year. Even though the measure is only two sentences long, it turns out that one of the sentences is too odious even for marriage opponents. At issue is the passage in the amendment that would ban lawmakers from creating a separate category, such as civil unions, to recognize gay relationships. During a vote by the state House of Representatives Monday night, that proved to be too much for 23 Republicans and 29 Democrats, who voted to strip the sentence from the amendment. The remaining sentence would amend the state Constitution to limit marriage to between and a man-classic overkill, since a marriage ban is already law in the state.

This means that the bill would have to be approved again in the legislature in 2016 before it could go to voters. So even if it does pass this year, we have two more years to change hearts and minds.

In related news, the Indianapolis Bar Association came out against the ban.

Pink News reports:

A proposed same-sex marriage ban in the US state of Indiana has been branded “inappropriate”, by the Indianapolis Bar Association. The official position of the association was announced this week following a survey of its members which found that 73% opposed the HJR-3 bill, which would send an amendment to ban same-sex marriage to a voter referendum. Out of those that remained, 20% said they would take no position and only 5% said they would support the legislation. 1.5% of responding members said they had no opinion on the legislation.

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