USA, Indiana: More Ban Opposition; Gov Pence Wants Ban Passed; Church Objects to Firing

Written by scott on January 15th, 2014

IndianaWe have three marriage equality-related stories out of Indiana this morning.

First off, two more Indiana cities are standing up against the proposed gay marriage ban.

Edge Boston reports:

The South Bend and Muncie councils both voted Monday night to adopt resolutions against the proposed constitutional amendment being considered by state legislators. The South Bend resolution was approved on a 6-2 vote, while the Muncie resolution was adopted in a 9-0 vote. South Bend Councilman Dave Varner, the council’s only Republican, said he voted against the resolution because he believed voters should be allowed to decide the issue in a statewide referendum. About 15 people spoke in favor of the resolution before the council voted, which didn’t sway Varner, the South Bend Tribune reported.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) is eager to get the controversy off his plate.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

Republican Gov. Mike Pence says the debate over whether to amend Indiana’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage should be decided “once and for all” this year. Pence reiterated his support for traditional marriage during his State of the State address Tuesday and said voters should decide the matter in November. He urged “civility and respect” during the debate that already has brought hundreds of activists to the Statehouse.

“Let’s have a debate worthy of our people with civility and respect. Let’s protect the rights of Hoosier employers to hire who they want and provide them with benefits that they earn. And then let’s resolve this issue this year once and for all,” he said, to applause from the assembled lawmakers, a majority of whom are Republicans.

And finally, an Indiana church saw 80% of its flock leave after a gay choir director was fired.

On Top Magazine reports:

A United Methodist Church congregation in Alexandria, Indiana dwindled by 80 percent after the church forced out its gay choir director. Adam Fraley told The Herald Bulletin that he lost his job because of his sexual orientation. Fraley – who attended services with his partner but was not open about his sexuality while working at the church – held the position for six years. He resigned in the spring, saying that a new minister made him uncomfortable.

In September, David Mantor was appointed as new interim minister. David Steele, who represents the congregation, asked Mantor to bring back Fraley. Mantor initially agreed, but three weeks later he fired Fraley and the following day told Steele he could no longer serve. Steele refused to quit, but church leaders backed Mantor. Church law states that non-celibate gay people cannot be “appointed to serve in The United Methodist Church.”

Anyone hear when the Indiana House committee will actually take a vote on the proposed ban?

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