USA, Indiana: Will The House Speaker Stack the Deck for Marriage Equality Ban?

Written by scott on January 18th, 2014

Indiana House Speaker Brian BosmaIt looks like Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma may not be above playing dirty to get committee passage for the gay marriage ban.

Think Progress reports:

According to a report from NWI Politics, the committee may not have the votes to pass the resolution, with at least three of the nine Republicans believed to be voting against it along with the committee’s four Democrats. Bosma has suggested he might use his power to remove members from the committee if they don’t support it: “I’ve said one person shouldn’t make the decision; we’ve got to figure out if a couple people ought to make the decision for all Hoosiers,” Bosma said. “The speaker, of course, has the power to move bills and has complete autonomy over committee membership.”

Stay tuned – the committee vote is expected some time next week. If it passes the House again this year, it goes to a vote of the people next year.

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