USA: More States Considering Allowing Christian Business Owners to Discriminate

Written by scott on January 27th, 2014

KansasFollowing in the footsteps of a proposed law in Arizona, at least two more states are considering laws that would let business owners discriminate based on sexual orientation.

LGBTQ Nation reports on Kansas:

With the legal climate uncertain for states banning gay marriage, Kansas lawmakers are considering a proposal designed to allow individuals, groups and businesses to refuse to recognize or provide goods, services or benefits to gay couples based on their religious beliefs. The legislator pushing the bill says it’s designed to protect religious freedom, and Republican Gov. Sam Brownback is receptive to the idea, though he hasn’t yet studied the proposal enough to offer a formal endorsement. However, critics say the measure promotes discrimination against gays and lesbians, and is so broadly written that it could apply to any couple, gay or straight, with a less-than-traditional union.

South Dakota mapAnd On Top Magazine reports from South Dakota:

South Dakota Republicans have introduced two bills which seek to allow clergy, church officials and businesses to refuse to take part in gay marriages and related events. State Senator Ernie Otten said his bills were necessary in case a court overturns the state’s ban on such unions. The bills would allow clergy and businesses to refuse to perform or supply goods or services to same-sex marriages or receptions because of their religious beliefs.

You can ind the news about Arizona here.

Smells like an ALEC bill to me, being spread state-to-state by one of these shadow groups. What do you think? Do these folks realize these laws could be used to justify a Muslim or Buddhist vendor when they refuse to marry a Christian couple?

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