USA, New Jersey: Amidst Scandal, Governor Christie Finds Time to Veto Transgender Bill

Written by scott on January 14th, 2014

New Jersey Governor Chris ChristieApparently the George Washington Bridge scandal hasn’t taken up all of Chris Christie’s time.

Joe.My.God reports:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie today vetoed a bill that would have granted transgender citizens the right to change their names on their birth certificates. The bill was approved by the state Assembly in June by a vote of 43-27 and by the state Senate in December by a vote of 21-11. Christie’s veto is “absolute” – which means that a 2/3 majority in both chambers (27 votes in the Senate; 54 votes in the Assembly) is now required to override.

Whe? What’s so threatening about people being able to change their legal names because they are transgender? Of all the hills to take a stand on…

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