USA: New Poll Shows 51% Support Marriage Equality in Non Marriage Equality States

Written by scott on January 23rd, 2014

titleFreedom to Marry is releasing a new poll that shows even states that don’t yet have full marriage equality support it, on average.

Buzzfeed reports:

Freedom to Marry does plan to continue to push the conversation on that front, releasing new polling Thursday that shows that 51% of registered voters in states without marriage equality favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally, whereas only 41% oppose. Of the new polling, Wolfson said, “That shows the momentum. We have majority support in the non-marriage states, in the states that still discriminate. And this is the first poll to show that. It’s conveying to the court and to the next wave of decision makers that America is ready.”

And that’s why you see the debate moving into the red states. Even they are slowly coming around to the idea of marriage equality.

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