USA, Oklahoma: Marriage Equality Case Expedited At 10th Circuit

Written by scott on January 29th, 2014

Oklahoma Marriage Equality Case in Legal LimboIt looks like the Oklahoma marriage equality case will be heard by the same panel of judges at the 10th Circuit as the Utah case, but not together.

Equality on Trial reports:

The court noted that Smith’s appeal and the cross-appeal will be considered together and that “the [Oklahoma and Utah] appeals will brief separately and be set for oral argument separately.” This means that the court declined to place the Oklahoma and Utah cases on a parallel briefing and argument track, as Smith originally requested. Amicus briefs can be filed jointly, one brief for both cases. Briefing in the Oklahoma case will be completed in early April.

I would guess that means we’ll get both rulings pretty close together. Anyone else have a sense of whether this is good or bad?

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  1. Ned Flaherty says:

    It’s probably better for the same 3 judges to have to hear both cases in series, than to have a separate panel for each case.

    That’s because the theoretical anti-equality arguments just get weaker with each repetition, but the 3 appeals judges now have to consider 10 real-life plaintiffs, suffering a variety of real-life harms, all in a row, which is hard to ignore.

  2. Michael Cooksey says:

    The other potential benefit is reading the same droll arguments from the states of OK and UT.

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