USA, Texas: Mayor Parker Gets Benefits Case Moved to Federal Court

Written by scott on January 1st, 2014

Houston Mayor Annise ParkerLooks like the Houston Mayor pulled a little sleight of hand and got the lawsuit against the city’s domestic partner benefits ordinance moved to a Federal court. reports:

But City Attorney David Feldman has just gotten the case moved out of Millard’s district court and into a federal court.

Lone Star Q has more: The notice of removal also brings light of how Republican Judge Lisa Millard failed to notify Mayor Annise Parker and the city of Houston before holding a hearing the exact same day Republicans filed the lawsuit, and then immediately signing a temporary restraining order halting the new same-sex benefits policy enacted by Parker in November… The notice of removal has now automatically moved the lawsuit case into federal court. Republicans are going to have to ask a federal judge to remand their case in order to get it back to state court.

The ball’s now in another court. :::grin:::

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  1. courtney says:

    This judge Millard should lose her license to be a judge. She is misusing her authorityand is an awful person she sent s man to jail for being a good parent and overpaying child support and seeing his kid too much when its hard to find good father he should be awarded custody and the mother should have to pay him back and go to jail for putting the dad though this how can u put someone in jail for being a good dad and how did this woman get away with it def the worst judge ever. Proof our justice system is crap . She prob let’s child molesters off with a warning anf murders get commended what a pos and she’s a woman at that I hope and pray that awful woman has no children and if she does maybe one of her kid will have a pos dad for their children then she will see u don’t put a good dad in jail which courts shpuldnt be allowed to get involved anyway

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