USA, Utah: Marriage Equality Foes Win Seven Day Extension

Written by scott on January 22nd, 2014

Utah MapUtah won a minor skirmish, getting an extra week to submit briefs in the marriage equality lawsuit.

Equality on Trial reports:

…the Tenth Circuit today granted a request filed by the state of Utah seeking a time extension in the expedited briefing schedule that had previously been provided by the appellate court. Originally, the Tenth Circuit had ordered briefing in the appeal of Judge Shelby’s decision in Kitchen to be completed by February 25, but Utah officials asked for a 10-day stay in light of the very recent appointment of a new attorney general and a search for outside counsel conducted by the state. Although the Tenth Circuit said in its original briefing order that requests for delay were “very strongly discouraged,” the circuit court today granted Utah’s request in part, allowing an extension of seven days. This means that the opening brief will now be due February 3, the response brief will be due February 25, and any reply brief will be due March 4. It is possible that the Tenth Circuit will consider oral arguments in the case during its March 17-21 sitting.

If the Tenth Circuit rules against Utah, it would set a great precedent going up to the Supreme Court, and other conservative states would be in serious danger of losing their own bans on marriage equality. One can only hope.

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  1. Stephen Herman says:

    What is the likelihood that a conservation 19th Circuit Appeals Court would rule in favor of SSM?

  2. Stephen Herman says:

    Sorry, meant to type 10th Circuit Court of Appeals

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